IAM Patent 1000 2019

Published on 10 Jun 2019 | 7 min read

We were delighted with the write-ups we have received in the latest Intellectual Asset Management 1000.


Rouse is second to none when it comes to assisting companies to navigate emerging markets. The firm was one of the first international IP practices to set up its stall in Asia, opening in Hong Kong in 1993; since then, it has come to occupy leading positions in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and several other jurisdictions. Its lawyers in the region prosecute patent applications efficiently and are inveterate problem solvers able to get to grips with sophisticated issues, such as standard essentiality and patent infringement litigation. Rouse also sparkles in the Middle East, thanks to the superb quality of its team in the United Arab Emirates.

China Foreign 

Respected for their enforcement prowess, “the practitioners at Rouse have a sophisticated knowledge of the Chinese legal system and devote the right resources to building the strongest cases and most effective, business-aligned strategies. No infringement situation is unmanageable to them.” Sharon Qiao is leader of the litigation squad and takes charge in the courtroom with her sharp legal reasoning, honed advocacy skills and candour. Her colleague Ling Jin spent a decade at the Office of Legislative Affairs of the People’s Republic of China State Council and provides watertight IP transactional advice. 


Litigation Sharon Qiao 

Transactions – Ling Jin  


“Rouse & Co is extremely amenable to client needs, even when matters call for urgent attention. Lightning-fast response times aside, it is evident that the advice it gives is informed by Rouse’s outstanding first-hand experience in the field. Often going beyond the call of duty, the firm’s practitioners do not hesitate to provide clients with useful supplementary knowledge about the Indonesian patent system where appropriate.” Over the course of the past year, Rouse has witnessed a substantial uptick in the number of Indonesian patent applications it handles – a resounding endorsement of the outfit’s reputation and ability. Gunawan Suryomurcito and Arifia Fajra fly the practice’s flag. Suryomurcito is a revered figure who currently serves as president of the Indonesian Intellectual Property Society; he established Rouse’s associate firm Suryomurcito and Co back in 1997. Fajra is a new face in the IAM Patent 1000. She leads the 20-strong patent prosecution team and manages the portfolios of big-name multinationals including British American Tobacco and Unilever. 


Arifia Fajra 

Gunawan Suryomurcito 


Affiliated with international IP firm Rouse, Baranda & Associates offers outstanding patent drafting and filing support; its professionals leave no stone unturned when looking to transform a weak application into an unbreakable patent. Premier local institutions and inventors look to the four-strong team for in-country filing, while clients from Japan, South Korea and China flock to it with instructions on Patent Cooperation Treaty filings and worldwide prosecution. Recently, the firm has been taking up more patent utility drafting work, an area in which expertise is hard to find in the Philippines. Biotech aficionado Edmund Baranda takes the reins as a certified patent agent and country manager. 


Edmund Baranda 


Rouse’s Thai outpost is a savvy choice for national or regional filing and enforcement campaigns, largely due to the fact that it is fully plugged in to the IP giant’s regional network of talent. The Bangkok team is highly international and possesses plenty of technical knowledge, with three of its members holding PhDs. As country managers for Myanmar and Thailand respectively, Fabrice Mattei and Manoon Changchumni are the names to note. Mattei founded the Bangkok office and has a stellar track record in pharmaceutical disputes. His forensic knowledge of Southeast Asian patent law is highly sought after by external organisations including the EPO. Changchumni, meanwhile, is a contentious ace whose skillset encompasses portfolio management and licensing capabilities. The office is also home to the firm’s Japan patent desk for ASEAN and Southeast Asia, which is run by seasoned Japanese attorney Yushi Kubota. 


Manoon Changchumni 

Fabrice Mattei 

United Arab Emirates 

Since day one Rouse & Co has been committed to assembling a tight-knit team of patent pros in the UAE and is shining in in-bound strategy and prosecution mandates as a result. Clients are impressed with the depth of the ensemble’s international expertise and its ability to bring lost applications back to life. Providing robust leadership to the global patent practice is biochemist Sara Holder. Holder has a birds-eye view of IP practice having also worked in China and Indonesia. “Sara is a tough adversary, she is strategic in her approach and really bright.” She assists Huda Beauty and the United Arab Emirates University together with IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Paul Muscat. The South African patent attorney is “highly recommended, responsive, proactive and a proven expert with a very professional approach. His advice is extremely valuable.” 


Sara Holder 

Paul Muscat 


Rouse Legal has been expanding rapidly of late. The past year has seen two new patent attorneys join the firm, creating a nine-person team with the ability to prosecute adroitly across a plethora of key technical areas, ranging from biotechnology to mechanics and information technology. Rouse is one of the few outfits in Vietnam that is regularly consulted on ultra-complex SEP issues, on which it is more than qualified to advise. The practice also excels at distilling complex patent assignment contracts into succinct pieces that meet compliance requirements. The energetic Yen Vu recently became country manager for Vietnam. Educated in Melbourne and Hanoi, she can commercialise a patent blindfolded. Chemical and environmental technology sage Yen Pham is especially skilled at meeting the needs of Fortune 500 companies; her polished practice is a C-suite executive’s dream. She counts the Coca-Cola Company and the Thai Plastic and Chemicals Public Co Ltd as valued patrons. 


Yen Pham 

Yen Vu   

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