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      The Rouse Team in Myanmar

      Published on 17 Mar 2021 | 1 min read

      It is now six weeks since the coup in Myanmar when the military took control of the country.

      Protests against the military junta are continuing and the situation is escalating. However reprisals from the police and military are becoming more violent. Added to this, citizens are dealing with several other obstacles affecting their daily lives – restricted access to the internet, power cuts, home-working not to mention the continuing impact of COVID-19. 

      Our first priority is the safety of our staff, members of our Rouse family.

      Despite all the above challenges please be reassured that our team continue their work and support all our clients.

      At this time, the military coup has no effect on all marks which have been refiled during the Soft Opening Period.  It is not known if the deadline for refiling marks will be extended after 31 March 2021. In the absence of any official confirmation on this eventuality, we would appreciate if you could send us your final instructions by 25 March.  After that we are not guaranteeing that the marks will be refiled in time.  Please understand that our ability to refile is wholly dependent on the accessibility to the online filing system which is outside our control.

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      Rouse Editor
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