Sophia Hou

Principal, General Branch Office Manager


+86 20 8559 8098


Sophia Hou is a Principal of Rouse Guangzhou and Director of Lusheng Law Firm

With 20 years’ experience in providing global professional IP protection, Sophia has been focusing on providing IP protection strategies for multinational companies, including administrative protection for trade mark, copyright, patent, trade secret, trade name, and anti-unfair competition, customs protection, civil litigation, and criminal prosecution.

She is well regarded in the industry for her handling of complex trademark infringements, unfair competition disputes, and criminal protection. She also has experience in trade secret management and protection, providing supply chain trade secret legal training, compliance audit, trade secret management consulting, and related evidence collection, administrative, civil, and criminal protection services for many multinational enterprises.

Sophia operates from an international perspective assisting a wide range of clients in cross-jurisdictional affairs. She has built successful teams that provide transnational IP protection for Chinese enterprises in the Middle East, Russia, Egypt, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. In 2015, Sophia was based in our Vietnam office.

Sophia’s recent work includes:

  • Working with one of China’s largest electronics providers on their international trade mark protection.
  • Undertaking IP protection services for one of the US’ fast-growing consumer goods companies in Vietnam.
  • Providing trademark registration and consulting services for a UK/UAE fast fashion brand in Hong Kong.
  • Advising a famous multinational footwear brand on the risk control and management of trade secrets in China's supply chain.
  • Conducting an in-depth investigation on a Shenzhen import and export company, whereby after cooperating with Shenzhen Customs, we intercepted a whole container of patent infringing products and civil litigation was filed immediately.


  • Master’s degree in civil and commercial law at Sun Yat-sen University
  • Qualified as a Top-Level Trade Secret Protection Specialist
  • Bachelor’s Degree in English language from Changsha Railway University, Hunan province, China
  • PRC licensed lawyer