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Is your business strategy agile enough to keep up with the ever-changing brand protection landscape? Brands and IP have never been more important to growth, especially in the fast-moving markets of Asia.
  • Rapid growth comes with mounting challenges
  • Leverage your brand
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Rapid growth comes with mounting challenges

Leveraging brands to maintain and grow customer bases in Asia is both increasingly important and challenging. Asia’s retail landscape is booming. This fast growth attracts threats to brands that continually evolve and chip away at market share.  

Brands with official flagship stores on major platforms can still find themselves losing sales to unauthorised or counterfeit products. Especially vulnerable are those whose business experiences rapid growth in Asia before they even have a business presence in the region. These businesses often find counterfeits and lookalikes serving the same demand they hope to grow. 

These issues cost brand owners millions in lost sales both offline and online. An online takedown or simply hunting down a producer or seller of infringing goods is not enough to ensure your sales revenue is protected.



Ensuring your brand is two-steps ahead

Get insight and professional advice on the common issues and concerns businesses need to understand and may be facing when entering into China:

How should your brand fend off copycats? 

What should you do when someone registers your trade mark before you? 


Is your brand moving into new markets? Look (and search) before you leap!

What obstacles do brands typically face when expanding overseas?

Copyright Customs recordal - your brand's saving grace?

In the absence of trade mark rights, is Copyright Customs recordal an effective last-minute protection replacement?


Losing control of your brand? 

What are the risks of entering the market in China with a local distributor? 

Leverage your brand

With over 30 years’ experience in anticounterfeiting and brand protection, Rouse works with a wide range of fast-growing companies in developing innovative solutions to protect brands and increase sales.

We have:

  • A highly experienced team, drawing on best practices developed for some of the world’s leading brands
  • Key relationships with all major Asian ecommerce platforms providing an efficient and very effective online brand protection offering
  • A seamlessly integrated online and offline strategy providing maximum effect
  • Unrivalled experience in working with administrative and law enforcement authorities worldwide, conducting numerous actions every year raids annually and following up with civil or criminal action.

Every company’s growth story is different just as every brand requires a bespoke protection strategy.

Contact our team to find out how we can protect your brand.


Our Team

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Principal, Global Head of Enforcement


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Principal, General Manager


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Principal & Hong Kong General Manager

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James Godefroy

Principal, Deputy Enforcement Head


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Sophia Hou

Principal and General Branch Office Manager at Lusheng Law Firm (Rouse's strategic partner)


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