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The Ins and Outs of Medical Use Patents in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

A Rouse webinar on medical use patents

Emerging economies with fast developing patent legislations present great opportunities to pharma companies but also unique challenges to patent practitioners who are accustomed to prosecuting patents in more mature jurisdictions.  Assumptions made about prosecution are not always correct.

With a blend of EP and South African qualified and locally practising patent attorneys, Rouse is at the forefront to unlock those challenges and has developed strategies to best handle medical use patents. Join Paul Muscat from our Dubai Office, for a 20 minute presentation followed by 40 minute Q&A session exploring some common incorrect assumptions and exposing “unwritten rules” in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern jurisdictions, and how challenges can successfully and cost-effectively be avoided.

While there is no cost to participate in the programme, those interested in attending the webinar can register here.

Thursday, September 29th, 2022
4:00pm BST
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Principal, Legal Consultant
+971 4 309 8000
Principal, Legal Consultant
+971 4 309 8000