Webinar: IP Arbitration in Asia – Risks, Opportunities, Rewards

What is the future of Asia’s IP Dispute resolution landscape? What are the options for arbitration in the region?

Arbitration of Intellectual Property disputes in Asia, particularly in relation to China, has spiked over the last ten years. IP right holders are adopting arbitration to not only resolve licensing or contractual disputes over technology transfer, but also infringement disputes as a way to avoid expensive multi-jurisdictional litigation.

Despite notable improvements in the Chinese IP litigation system and because foreign judgements are not enforceable in China, arbitration remains the preferred method of dispute resolution for cases that involve Chinese parties.

The advances in China’s technological prowess, the Belt and Road Initiative, Covid-19, the US China trade war and de-coupling have are all factors driving inbound and outbound investment and technology transfer as well as restructuring of investments. Those transferring technology or making new investments have to be sure they have thought through possible dispute resolution measures. Divestment can lead to disputes over ownership of technology and rights to future use.

Rouse’s Global Head of Dispute Resolution, Doug Clark, will discuss the future of Asia’s IP Dispute resolution landscape and the various options for arbitration of IP disputes in the region. Doug will share his insight on issues he has dealt with as an adviser on investments and as arbitrator and counsel when handling a number of recent arbitration cases.

Date: Thursday July 15th, 2021 

Time: 4pm HKT

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Principal, Global Head of Dispute Resolution
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Principal, Global Head of Dispute Resolution
+852 2302 0832