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Aria Tian

Research Unit Head


+86 10 8632 4000


Aria Tian is the head of the Research Unit within Rouse, based in Beijing.

She leads a 10-persons team to conduct IP, commercial and industry research to support IP and business strategies for client from multinational companies, international organizations, governments, and law firms. She is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the CIELA database.

Aria’s area of expertise is IP intensive technology industries, commercial innovations and applications research, and delivers comprehensive consulting services to clients. Her current research focus is blockchain, AI, automobile, and entertainment law.

Prior to her role at Rouse, she worked at top French, US, and Chinese law firms and as in-house counsel at a large airline, covering corporate, contract, finance, FDI, M&A, tax and labour law etc.


  • LLM, Renmin University, PRC China
  • LLB, Wuhan University, PRC China

Personal Interest

  • Taichi, Zither, Tao Kwon Do, astronomy and drawing