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Lena Hagström

Senior Associate, European Patent Attorney

Stockholm - Valea

+46 733 811590


Lena Hagström specialises in patent issues within technical areas such as telecom and wireless communication networks, computer networks, but also mechanics, and medical techniques. She works with all types of patent issues including strategy, different types of searches, patent drafting and administration, and infringement. She has experience both in research and development in technical areas in industry and in handling patents both as an examiner and as a patent attorney in the industry and at patent and law firms. She has worked in research in steel at Corrosion & Metals Research Institute, Stockholm.

Lena has further worked as a patent examiner within the mechanical field at the Swedish Patent Office, as a patent engineer, handling patent applications within the data communication and telecom field in the research department of Ericsson AB and as a patent attorney and manager at Dr. Ludwig Brann Patentbyrå AB. Lena has further long experience teaching patents, to examiners, patent engineers, patent administrators, research and developing engineers, and industrial management. Lena has worked with IP issues since 1986.

Lena's technical areas of knowledge include the following:
Telecom 3G, 4G, 5G, Wireless Communication Networks such as Cellular Networks and WiFi Networks, Computer Networks, Data communication, Software related inventions, Materials, Mechanics in general, and Medical techniques.


  • Authorised Patent Attorney (SE)
  • European Patent Attorney