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Melanie Zhu



+86 21 3251 9966


Melanie is a Principal based in our Shanghai office. 

With 18 years experienced in the IP field, Melanie joined Rouse in 2009 and is leading Trade Mark Group in Shanghai. 

Melanie has advised leading companies in diverse industries on all aspects of trade mark and brand protection.  Apart from managing client’s trade mark portfolio and providing strategic advice, she has rich experience in handling trade mark disputes with well-known trade mark claims, and successfully had several European and US brands recognized as well-known trade mark in China. 

Apart from the trade mark practice in China, Melanie is also skilled in handling trade mark filings and disputes worldwide either via Madrid filing system or working with local agents.

Melanie’s articles were published in the China Law and Practice, and her comments on cases were cited by TheDrum.  Melanie often represents Rouse at local and international conferences, and she is a member of China Team of Marques.


  • Bachelor of Law, Shanghai International Studies University
  • PRC Lawyer


  • China Trademark Association (CTA)
  • International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • Marques


  • Bronze Tier in Prosecution and Strategy (China Foreign) - WTR 1000 2024
  • Excellent Tier - Trademark Expert Directory of Chinese Trademark Association 2023
  • Excellent Trademark Attorney - Shanghai Trademark Association 2023
  • Gold Metal Trademark Practitioner– Chinese Trademark Association 2020