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Brand Protection/Anti-Counterfeiting, Anti-Piracy and Enforcement

With decades of experience, Rouse’s world-leading IP enforcement team specialises in brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy and complex IP enforcement work.
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Rouse has its roots in anti-counterfeiting and enforcement.

Our business started stopping counterfeit car parts from South America from flooding into Europe and conducting counterfeit cigarette raids in South East Asia in the early 1990s. With more than 30 years of IP enforcement experience, we specialise in global programmes and local enforcement of our client’s IPRs throughout China, South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Our approach.

Our in-depth local knowledge combined with constant innovation has made us a leading force in protecting trade mark, trade name, copyright, patent, and design rights. We protect some of the world’s most valuable brands against false associations, copycats, misleading advertisements, and other brand damage. 

By working directly with the relevant authorities who enforce IP law at a local level, our team ensures all the available IP protection tools are utilised. Rouse’s team consists of experienced IP enforcement and brand protection specialists bridging the different IP professions, including intelligence and evidence specialists, trademark and patent agents, IP lawyers and litigators, brand protection and anti-piracy professionals, and IP consultants. Our work spans the intelligence side, evidence gathering, conventional enforcement (e.g. Customs, raids), and online enforcement (e.g. internet, social media, and e-commerce marketplaces).

Services & solutions.

Our Enforcement team supports many of the world’s leading rights holders dealing with online and offline threats. We provide strategic oversight, innovative thinking, and local insight in devising and implementing strategies on a country, regional, and global basis.


Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting

We have specialist teams focused on anti-counterfeiting work, especially in Asia where we have a very large practice. We have strong experience working with administrative and criminal authorities worldwide, conducting dozens of raids annually, and following up with civil or criminal action. We handle trade fair work, customs recordals, and detentions as well as a range of other deterrent programs.

Timely and reliable information is critical to help you target your resources. We set up processes to make sure that information flows efficiently from your business, commercial partners, customers, law enforcement authorities, and third-party service providers. Where information is incomplete, our in-house evidence specialists will step in, working with the best third-party firms as needed.


Managing Enforcement Programmes

Drawing on decades of experience, innovative tools for managing programmes, and results tracking, Rouse manages brand and technology protection programmes with a strong focus on multinationals. We do this at the country and regional levels across Asia and EMEA. 



Copyright enforcement for the world’s content industries has increasingly become a digital service. Our experience spans movies, TV, Sports, publishing, gaming, and software work. Rouse has multidisciplinary teams of copyright experts to obtain the evidence for enforcement and civil litigation where needed. For the software industry, we have licensed compliance specialists.

Click here to read copyright piracy news and stories from around Asia on our Ching Shih: Asia Anti-Piracy Blog.


Complex IP Enforcement

As a full-service specialist IP services firm with depth and breadth in IP enforcement across decades, Rouse can deftly handle multi-disciplinary international cases, crossing from brand protection into legal work. These are usually matters that involve technology, TPMs, trade secrets, designs, copycat/lookalikes, services infringement/brand interference, grey goods, and regulatory cases.


Evidence Gathering and IP Investigations

Our IP evidence-gathering experts have been a cornerstone of our business from the outset. We have a global network of multilingual investigative, intelligence, and evidence-gathering specialists who can quickly and effectively track infringing and counterfeit products from a manufacturing source in one country to a point of sale in another.

Our Team

Nick Redfearn

Principal, Global Head of Enforcement


+62 811 870 2616

Chris Bailey

Head of UK & EU Enforcement


+86 21 3251 9966

James Godefroy

Principal, Deputy Enforcement Head


+86 20 8595 5800

Sophia Hou

Principal and General Branch Office Manager at Lusheng Law Firm (Rouse's strategic partner)


+86 20 8595 5800

Yana Tsygankova

Principal and Legal Consultant, MEA Enforcement Head


+971 4 3098000

Oliver Walsh

Global Head of Evidence Services


+662 028 2244

Sophie Li

Senior Consultant


+86 10 8632 4000

Christine Gao

Senior Consultant


+86 10 8632 4000

+84 28 3823 6770

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