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Growing your brand value using digital marketing and commerce.
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For many businesses, having a digital presence is essential to grow their brand value, cement customer loyalty and drive sales. We work not only with your IP and legal teams but also your marketing and creative partners to maximise the value created from digital assets, whilst mitigating the IP, legal and regulatory risks.

At Rouse, we understand the old and new risks inherent in digital commerce and marketing. Working with your commercial goals in mind, we can help you to  achieve your ambitions.

"The Rouse team provided professional and insightful guidance on multifaceted marketing and intellectual property law issues... across internal and external stakeholders... Rouse is a great partner to the success of our marketing campaign”

Irene Chang, Trademark, Copyright and Marketing Counsel, HP Inc.

Comprehensive support at all stages

Our Digital Service: supporting IP counsel and General Counsel to protect their brands and IP in digital marketing and commerce

How we can help you

  • Articulate and mitigate the IP, legal and regulatory risks to enable successful deployment of digital commerce and marketing

  • Optimise IP and brand protection

  • Understand the new cutting-edge issues arising in digital and how to respond

  • Ensure effective multi-team collaboration across functions: legal, IP, marketing, strategy and innovation

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Jin Ling

Principal and Head of Digital & Commercial at Lusheng Law Firm (Rouse's strategic partner)


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Holly White

Head of Service Development


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Stina Pilotti

Principal, Sweden Digital & Commercial Head

Stockholm - Rouse

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Latest Digital Marketing & Digital Commerce Insights


1 minute read

Kin Wah Chow, Bigi Ramadha Putra, Evi Triana


09 Jan 2024

The Indonesian Ministry of Trade (“MOT”) regulation and its impact on non-Indonesian-based online businesses.

4 minute read

Kin Wah Chow, Evi Triana , Bigi Ramadha Putra


13 Oct 2023

Our Guides

In this guide we take an in-depth look into Indonesia's e-commerce framework and regulations.

17 Mar 2022

Case Studies

Provided support on decisions to inform successful digital strategy implementation through to day-to-day compliance. ​

1 minute read

Holly White


20 Jun 2022

  • #Digital
  • #GDPR
  • #Data Privacy
  • #China
License characters to a third party to create an NFT to be sold in exchange for royalty payments.

1 minute read


20 Jun 2022

  • #Digital
  • #NFT
  • #Commercial
  • #China
  • #Blockchain