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      We are among a handful of firms with extensive expertise in protecting, promoting, and enforcing Geographical Indications. We can ensure your valuable rights are protected beyond mandatory filing and registration.
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      We are recognised as experts in this relatively new field of IP. We have extensive expertise in protecting and enforcing geographical indications (GIs) and can work with you to ensure your valuable rights are protected.

      Nowadays consumers are paying more and more attention to the place “of origin” of products. GIs help to identify the specific geographical origin of a product, which gives that product a special quality, reputation or other characteristics.

      We have extensive experience in the drafting and prosecution of applications for the registration of GIs, and in taking action against their unlawful use.

      In some countries, such as Thailand, we’ve also been heavily involved in helping authorities draft GI legislation. Fabrice Mattei and Dr Akkharawit in our Thailand office are globally recognised GI experts; they have been appointed by WIPO and other international organisations to work with the Thai government in the identification, protection and promotion of GIs.

      We have helped clients secure the registration of GIs such as Champagne, Cognac, Scotch whisky, Napa Valley and Thai Hom Mali rice in key countries in Asia and Europe. We also work closely with local communities to help them protect their natural products and traditional knowledge.

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      Case Study

      1 minutes read

      Fabrice Mattei


      04 Feb 2021

      • #Climate Change
      • #Geographical Indications
      • #Global environment

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      Fabrice Mattei

      Principal, Climate Change & IP Group Head and Myanmar Country Manager

      Yangon , Bangkok

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      Arifia Fajra

      Principal, Indonesia Head of Patent Agency Group


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