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IP Transactions

IP licensing deals and associated commercial agreements
  • Our case study
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Our Digital and Commercial team has 25 years’ experience advising on different kinds of transactions from M&A to technology transfers, particularly when cross-border issues such as foreign exchange control, withholding taxes and contract registration comes into play.

We deal with all aspects of commercial transactions

Having the right agreements in place with third parties helps protect you and your assets

We can help by advising brands on:

  • IP ownership and licensing structuring
  • IP related transfer pricing
  • Inventor remuneration, and IP management policies
  • Trade mark licensing, assignments and co-branding
  • Software & copyright licensing
  • Franchising
  • Infringement and litigation
  • NDAs

Our highly experienced team supports international brands, consumer facing and technology companies

A company’s intellectual property assets represent most of the business’ value. To ensure your IP is protected whilst being fully commercialised, we combine a deep understanding of innovation and intellectual property assets with commercial law in real transactions.

This understanding is a rarity that means our Corporate and Commercial team is highly sought after by clients with IP at the core of their business.

Example clients include:

  • A world renown coffee chain
  • International online marketplace for homestays
  • Luxury e-commerce platform
  • International Chinese social media platform
  • UK based chip designer and manufacturer

Our case study

A company with a famous cartoon character wanted to partner with a Chinese entertainment company to create a new cartoon for the Chinese audience

Client’s challenge

Our client was launching a new tv and online cartoon in China in partnership with a Chinese internet company. They were aware that regulatory constraints dictated to some extent the relationship with their partner and management of IP.  Therefore, they wanted to structure their commercial agreement and monetize their IP in a way that maximized protection whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our approach

Initially we delivered an Animation Regulatory Landscaping Report which set out regulatory requirements for filming, production, distribution, importation of TV and digital content. This enabled the client to understand where the regulations dictated arrangements and where there was scope to make commercial decisions about the partnership structure and licensing of IP.

Once the landscape was understood and a commercial structure identified, we advised on potential risks and management. We drafted the IP license agreements and reviewed business contracts to ensure the client and its IP was protected and there would be no unexpected issues.

Impact of our work

Our client was reassured that the partnership structure was optimised inline with the business ambition and regulatory framework. The IP licensing agreement and subsequent licensing agreements for the creation of NFT tokens, ensured their world renowned IP was protected.

Our Team

Jin Ling

Principal and Head of Digital & Commercial at Lusheng Law Firm (Rouse's strategic partner)


+86 21 3251 9966

Stina Pilotti

Principal, Sweden Digital & Commercial Head

Stockholm - Rouse

+46 (0)720 087 737

Sunny Su

Principal at Lusheng Law Firm (Rouse’s strategic partner)


+86 10 8632 4000

Chad Dowle

Principal, Thailand General Manager


+852 2302 0832

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