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Maximising the revenue from your technology and data solutions.
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The selling of digital technologies or data solutions, requires a knowledge of complex local market regulations and an understanding of how your intellectual property creates your competitive advantage in market. We enable you to operate successfully and manage the risks by optimising your IP protection and commercial structuring.

At Rouse we work between your IP, legal and business teams to deliver tailored, implementable solutions aligned with your business model and workflow to maximise revenue. For enterprises without legal teams in our markets, we can provide turnkey solutions addressing all your needs providing industry best practice guidance.


How we can help you

  • Maintain control of your IP and competitive advantage

  • Optimise your business structure in the context of IP and regulatory risks

  • Ensure compliance with unique and complex industry data regulations

  • Understand industry best practice

Our Team

Jin Ling

Principal and Head of Digital & Commercial at Lusheng Law Firm (Rouse's strategic partner)


+86 21 3251 9966

Holly White

Head of Service Development


+44 20 7536 4185

Latest Technology & Data Insights

Kin Wah Chow, Dian dan Bigi menyediakan tinjauan tentang Undang-Undang Pelindungan Data Pribadi (UU PDP) Indonesia 2022.

3 minute read

Kin Wah Chow, Dian Esterina Tambunan, Bigi Ramadha Putra


26 Oct 2022

Issuance of Decree 53 provides detailed guidelines on a number of provisions in Cybersecurity Law

2 minute read

Yen Vu, Eunjung Han


19 Aug 2022

Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Information mandates the registration of commercial websites & online services

1 minute read

Kin Wah Chow


02 Aug 2022

Our Guides

This guide seeks to give an overview of the 2022 Indonesian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

26 Oct 2022

Case Studies

IP protection gap analysis strengthened protection of core IoT/Software as a Solution (SaaS) technology and source code.

1 minute read


20 Jun 2022

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