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      August Zhang awarded as “Beijing IP Service Leaders”

      Published on 04 Nov 2020 | 1 min read

      Managing Partner at Lusheng, a member of the Rouse Network, August Zhang is awarded as “Beijing IP Service Leaders”.

      On October 30th, the Capital Intellectual Property Services Association (“CIPSA”) announced the award of "Beijing IP Service Leaders". August Zhang, Managing Partner of Lusheng (Member of the Rouse Network) received the award.

      The purpose of this award is to implement the "Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Capital Intellectual Property Service Industry" issued by Beijing Government, and the "Beijing Action Plan for Promoting the Development of the Intellectual Property Service Industry (2018-2020)". In accordance with the working plan of the Beijing IP Office, the CIPSA launched the selection of "Beijing IP Service Leaders". The experts panel selected 100 IP service leaders from thousands of applicants.

      August is the Managing Partner of Lusheng Law Firm (Member of the Rouse Network). He has been engaged in IP enforcement and litigation work for 24 years. August is one of the pioneers to test Chinese legal system for IP protection since middle of 90s. As the founding partner of Lusheng, he contributed to develop the firm’s reputation as specialized IP firm with top-level service in China. He led to establish the qualified platform for legal, litigation and patent agency of the firm. He guided the firm to build the global network with international IP service leader Rouse, and promoted the best practice of close collaboration in compliant and effective manner.  Under his navigation and the whole team’s efforts, the firm has been widely recognized as one of top tier IP firms in China, and received a number of  awards such as “Outstanding IP Service Team of China”, “Excellent Agency” and “Domestic Firms with Strong International IP Service Capability”.

      August has wide experience in all aspects of IP litigation and enforcement in China and is frequently ranked among China's leading IP lawyers. His cases are often recognized by Chinese courts as top IP cases in China. Last year, August was successfully listed as one of “Beijing IP Experts” by Beijing IP Office.  

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