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Rouse expands leadership team as it continues to invest for growth

Published on 31 May 2023 | 1 minute read
Rouse names new Chief People Officer and Chief Technology Officer

LONDON, 31 May 2023: Leading International IP services firm Rouse today announces two new leadership hires to support its growth and development strategy. Elle Shoben has been hired as the new Chief People Officer, and Jarron Stephens will take the role of Chief Technology Officer at the firm.

Elle brings 25 years of People and HR leadership experience, leading transformational change across a range of multinational industries. Jarron, previously head of IT at Rouse, has built a world-class reputation in Asia for technology strategy and leadership, transforming high-growth businesses in fintech, gaming, legal and professional services. Both these hires follow Rouse’s recent acquisition of Valea, a leading Swedish IP firm, and form part of its objective to build a more efficient and integrated IP capability globally.

Luke Minford, Chief Executive of Rouse says:

These are two mission critical hires for us. We’re a people-first business but if people aren’t supported by technology that enables them to deliver their expertise in the most effective and efficient way then clients won’t get the value they seek and people won’t be happy. In that sense Jarron and Elle’s mandate is a joint one and one that will set the foundation for our success”  

“We see the next few years as an opportunity to invest, something that many of our competitors will struggle to do. With Jarron and Elle we now have the leadership experience needed to direct our biggest investments, into the people and technology needed to meet our client needs.”


Elle Shoben says:

“I am delighted to join the Rouse team at this exciting time in the company’s evolution. I will be supporting our future growth plans, helping to drive business outcomes and client value by focusing on attracting, developing and retaining the best talent to help us realise our goals”.



Jarron Stephens says:

“It is good to be back at Rouse - the firm has the same energy and purpose it had when I left but is now primed for growth and investment. I see huge opportunity in the IP industry for those willing and able to get the right mix of people and technology enablement. A big prize waits for those who do it well and at scale. I look forward to getting started on leading the tech strategy for Rouse, working as part of a super talented leadership team.”

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