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Rouse in Profile: Nuttachai (‘Jump’) Unaratana

Published on 27 Jul 2016 | 3 minute read

At home in Bangkok

Jump is a local Rouse Thailand partner and Head of the Thailand Trade Marks Group

Nuttachai, better known as Jump, was brought up in Bangkok and has lived there for most of his life.  In fact, he really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  He has a deep attachment to the city and values the on-going close contact he is able to have with his family.

It’s not that Jump’s world-view is limited or that he doesn’t appreciate the benefits of travel – far from it.  He has travelled widely.  He studied in both Australia and the United Kingdom, and now spends his holidays each year travelling to different places with his wife, who is also a lawyer. It’s just that, as a way of life, Jump has made a deliberate choice.   In a world where country-hopping is common and many people end up feeling to some extent rootless, he has opted for the physical and spiritual rootedness that comes from affection for particular people and commitment to a particular place.

Jump grew up in a family where education was considered a priority.  His mother, in particular, who teaches English at the university in Bangkok, was concerned that all her children should receive the best education possible.  So, in Year 10, Jump followed his brother to Newman College, a Catholic co-educational school in Perth, Australia.  He remembers it as an entirely positive experience.  Even though his English wasn’t particularly good when he went, he picked it up quite easily – mostly, he says, just by listening.   

His parents chose Australia because it was closer to home than Europe or America and its educational system was highly regarded. After Year 11, however, his parents thought it would be valuable for Jump to spend some time in the UK, so he was sent to The Royal Wolverhampton School.  Again, it turned out to be a very positive experience.   

When he returned to Bangkok, Jump decided to enrol in Law at Thammasat University.  He says he chose Law largely because his sister had been working at a law firm and told him she thought it would be a very good career for him.  Also, his parents were enthusiastic as they thought a Law degree would be likely to open the door to a range of employment opportunities. So, as he had nothing better in mind, he decided to enrol in Law.  It has turned out to be the perfect choice.

When he finished his Law degree, Jump decided to do a Masters degree in Intellectual Property, which, at the time, was a new subject in Thailand - one that seemed exciting and likely to lead to all sorts of opportunities. Because Monash University in Melbourne was considered one of the top universities at the time for Intellectual Property, and because he already knew Australia, Jump decided to go there. 

Even though he worked extremely hard, his time in Melbourne was enjoyable – so much so that at the end of the course he considered staying there.  But he says he realised that competing with people who were working in their mother tongue would be very difficult.  And anyway, he was keen to get back to Bangkok.

On his return he found a job with a local IP firm, and worked happily there until one day he was approached by a recruiter and the possibility of working with Rouse arose.  He had already been attracted to Rouse because of its promotional material and fingerprint or globe logo.  He thought it looked different from the traditional law firm – more modern and interesting.  He was interviewed by Lisa Yong and subsequently offered a position.  Now he is head of the Trade Marks Group in the Bangkok office.  It’s a busy life, but one he enjoys – and, of course, he always has his annual holiday travel to look forward to.

Jump’s last two holidays have been to Japan, which, so far, is his favourite country.  He finds it fascinating – the culture, the scenery, the cities, the food, and the incredible differences that exist within the country; for example, between Osaka and Tokyo.  He may be thinking about Korea for his next trip, but he’s sure to be back to Japan some time.

In the meantime, however, despite the attractions of Japan and the lure of new places, Jump is very happy to call Bangkok home.

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