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Rouse to launch climate change litigation database for South East Asia at COP26

Published on 02 Nov 2021 | 1 minute read
Database is an industry-first

IP services business Rouse is participating in two sessions at COP26 in Glasgow to present the future of green technologies transfers and climate change litigation developments, hosted by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change, London School of Economics (LSE) and Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance (SCELG).

At this event, Fabrice Mattei, Principal at Rouse and Head of the Climate Change Practice, will launch Litigasia ( This ground-breaking climate change litigation platform tracks and analyses climate change litigation cases in one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change, South East Asia (SEA).

The database provides real-time information about climate change lawsuits in SEA and is searchable using different tools including the type of technology involved, details of the legal issues, parties involved and the overall status of the lawsuit.

Litigasia will enable businesses, governments and organisations to better assess the threats and possible outcomes of climate change-based lawsuits in SEA and to shape their decarbonisation policy and strategy accordingly.

The database will also equip law firms and sustainability consultancy firms with vital information on litigation trends so that they can better advise their clients on the laws they are subject to and the types of lawsuits they are most vulnerable to in each market.

Fabrice Mattei led the development of Litigasia and will be representing Rouse at COP26. He says:

“Litigation plays a critical role in addressing climate change and pushing forward the regulatory changes needed in trying to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The launch of Litigasia, which is based on two years of research I conducted with the help of Dr. Francesco Sindico, Director of SCELG, allows a greater understanding of climate change issues, the technologies involved, and the types of disputes in South East Asia. Based on over seventy court cases, climate litigation is now past the stage at which it would be considered nascent or atypical climate investigations. Landmark decisions and innovative remedies have been flourishing in the past years, with Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand leading the way. Climate change litigation is about to take new magnitudes in the region, and stakeholders need to get prepared.”

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Principal, Head of Patent Group and Head of Climate Change Group
+662 028 2244