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Brand owner’s guide to creating a customs outreach & training programme in Asia

Published on 04 Apr 2022 | 1 minute read
Adelaide Yu publishes article on World Trademark Review

While ASEAN states have been hit by rocketing levels of counterfeits, rights holders need to tailor the support they offer depending on each country’s IP border control situation, argues Rouse’s Adelaide Yu 

  • Several Asian countries are being deluged by counterfeits arriving from China, making the need for strengthened Customs systems imperative 
  • A number of factors are behind this rise, including the trade in illicit goods, the take-off of e-commerce and the emergence of free trade zones 
  • Brand owners should consider collaborating with other organisations and stepping up their lobbying activities to maximise their impact 

To read more of "A brand owner’s guide to creating a customs outreach and training programme in Asia", please visit WTR's website.

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