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Egypt’s Authority for Intellectual Property: A New Dawn

Published on 16 Aug 2023 | 2 minute read
Egypt has issued Law no. 163 of 2023 relating to the establishment of the Egyptian Intellectual Property Agency

After the launch of its National IP Strategy in 2022, Egypt has now issued Law no. 163 of 2023 relating to the establishment of the Egyptian Intellectual Property Agency (“EGIPA”) to achieve another milestone towards the advancement of its intellectual property (IP) system, and further support Egypt’s Vision 2030.

EGIPA will replace several ministries/authorities (including for example Ministries of Higher Education, and Scientific Research, Supply and Internal Trade, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Culture, Trade and Economy, Media Council, Patent Office) that previously held IP-related mandates and become the only IP authority in the country.   

The board of EGIPA will be responsible for developing and executing the plans and delivering on objectives.  EGIPA will also be financially independent and mainly would be financed by foreign grants, donations as well as fees charged against services it will be providing. Its headquarters will be in Cairo with branches across the country.

EGIPA goals are organizing, sponsoring and the protecting intellectual property in Egypt, and operating the IP system by maintaining balance between protection of IP rights, achieving sustainable economic, social, cultural, and technological development, and building a knowledge economy. The EGIPA’s roles include:

  1. Preparing, updating and implementing the National IP Strategy in coordination with other ministries and authorities. 
  2. Registration of the IP rights and issuance of the IP protection documents (i.e. registration certificates/grants).
  3. Preparing integrated information and databases pertaining to IP rights
  4. Encouraging and supporting researchers, inventors, startups in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  5. Setting Government policies on IP assets evaluation and exploitation, training and raising awareness of the private sector in terms of the exploitation of IP assets and it essential role in developing the country’s economy and providing training of experts and companies operating in the field of valuation of assets.
  6. Establishing registers of IP agents as well as IP valuation experts. 
  7. Spreading culture and awareness of the importance of IP rights.
  8. Providing advisory support in relation to IP disputes.
  9. Coordinating with other authorities in maintaining protection of public health and nutrition, or to develop vital sectors in the social, cultural, economic and technological fields etc
  10. Exchange of legally permitted information with other countries, international and regional agencies and organizations regarding IP rights.
  11. Providing opinions on draft laws related to IP protection, as well as on international agreements related to the protection of IP rights.

There is still a lot of work and effort to be made in terms of establishing the EGIPA - setting its internal policies and implementing its organizational structure - in the next year.   However, the achievement of this milestone is testament to Egypt’s recognition of the importance IP plays in building a thriving economy, placing innovation at the centre of this, and their desire to become an IP leader.

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