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The Knockoff: New Blog from Chris Bailey

Published on 19 Sep 2023 | 1 minute read
Sharing stories, experiences and opinions of anti-counterfeiting in China

Our new Head of UK & EU Enforcement, Chris Bailey, is no stranger to anti-counterfeiting landscape in China. Before his move to the UK earlier this month, he lived and worked in the country for nearly 30 years.

In this new blog, published exclusively on LinkedIn, Chris will be sharing his reflections on how far the country has come since he started out, breaking down the enforcement journey rightsholders need to go on in order to protect their brand. 

In the launch to the blog (as well as recommending a TV show to watch!) he shared how things have changed.

The first post tackles the thorny issue of evidence collection discussing how much heavy lifting IP owners need to do, what they are allowed to do according to the authorities as well as examining the implications of the recent crackdown on consulting companies offering market analysis and due diligence.

Please follow Chris on LinkedIn so you are notified as soon as new posts are published. We will continue to share a round-up here too. 

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Head of UK & EU Enforcement
+86 21 3251 9966
Head of UK & EU Enforcement
+86 21 3251 9966