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Vietnam: Government Launches National Portal on Personal Data Protection

Published on 18 Dec 2023 | 1 minute read

In line with Article 29.2 of Decree No. 13/2023/ND-CP on personal data protection (PDPD), the National Portal on Personal Data Protection is up and running at (PDP Portal). With the PDP Portal, individuals and organizations can take compliant measures such as online submission of impact assessments and data breach notifications amongst others.

Launched by the Department of Cyber Security and High-tech Crime Prevention and Control (A05) under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), the PDP Portal provides guidance on and facilitates the following PDPD-compliant procedures:

  • Submission and amendment of dossiers for:
    • impact assessment for personal data processing (i.e., Data Protection Impact Assessment), and
    • impact assessment for cross-border transfer(s) of personal data (i.e., Cross Border Transfer Impact Assessment).
  • Notifications of violations of personal data protection regulations.

Individuals and organizations can also track the status of their Data Protection Impact Assessment and/or Cross Border Transfer Impact Assessment and relevant documents.

As well, the PDP Portal is A05’s official online channel to:

  • provide and disseminate guidelines, policies, and regulations on personal data protection;
  • update personal data protection activities – one notable update on the PDP Portal is the MPS’ upcoming annual evaluation and credit rating of personal data processors and controllers, starting in 2024;
  • give warnings and coordinate in warning about risks and acts of data breach; and
  • perform other activities in accordance with the laws on personal data protection.

In light of the PDP Portal’s launch and the PDPD’s effective date of 1 July 2023, regulated parties (data processors, data controllers, etc.) should take steps to comply with PDPD’s requirements, especially those on impact assessments.  

For more details on the PDPD’s scope and definitions, please visit our previous articles below:

Authors: Yen Vu & Uyen Doan

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