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Patent & Design Updates from Cambodia: January 2024

Published on 23 Jan 2024 | 2 minute read

Two new declarations were issued on 14 November 2023. Declaration no. 836 and 837 on official fee schedule and penalty.  Our summary of three main changes in the two new declarations is below: 

i. Implementation of shorter period for the Patent Office to issue its acknowledgement of filing – 3 to 5 days shorter than the previous timeline ( 10-15 days to 7-10 days) 

ii. Changes of existing official fees: 


Previous official fees  

(KHR current) 

2023 official fees  

(KHR currency) 

Recordal of change such name, address, agent, etc. for Patent, UM, and Design 



Late payment of annuity after 6-month grace period ending - for Patent, Utility Model, and Design 

Additional 2% per month of the year of maintenance  

500 KHR for each overdue day 

Litigation and dispute resolution  

200,000 or 800,000 depending on the type of industrial property right 

200,000 riels for all type of industrial property rights 


iii. Addition of new fees: 

    1. Reviving of validity of patent/ utility model/ industrial design/ integrated circuit:100,000 KHR; 
    2. Certifying on priority document: 300, 000 KHR; 
    3. Official fees for application, maintenance for plant variety.


Contributions by Ratana Soy

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