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Recent changes at the Cambodian Counter Counterfeit Committee (CCCC)

Published on 03 Jul 2024 | 1 minute read
Changes to Cambodian Anti-Counterfeit Authority's Investigative Responsibilities – Rouse weighs in

The Cambodian Counter Counterfeit Committee (CCCC) was suspended and has now returned with new leadership. As part of a major restructuring following an investigation into allegations of corruption, the CCCC will no longer have the power to investigate and arrest suspected counterfeiters.

However, enforcement action can still be carried out through other authorities in Cambodia. The CCCC's new role will be to formulate government policies, strategic plans, and disseminate information about counterfeiting, rather than conducting direct enforcement activities.

Brand owners may also pursue legal action against known counterfeiters through the local court system, adds Rouse associate Monyrak Phang; although the process can be “slower and more expensive”.


This article was first published on World Trademark Review in June 2024.

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