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Webinar: Winning the 'bet the house' battle (and then the war!)

How to take the attack directly to trade mark squatters OEM, in Customs and Civil proceedings in China?

Bad faith trade mark squatting in China has long been one of the major problems encountered by brand owners. Unfortunately, this problem also extends to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

OEM businesses play a crucial role in global supply chains and a substantial amount of these manufacturers are based in China. These businesses also have a growing influence on foreign brand owners, who are vulnerable to trade mark squatting as a result of China’s “first to file” trade mark system.

OEM businesses can face a wide range of issues if they find themselves victims of trade mark squatting. This includes having genuine goods seized by Customs, infringement claims being filed by the squatters and even the risk of the brand owner being blocked from the China market. This can potentially put brand owners in a “Bet the House” battle which they can’t lose. 

The webinar will cover:

  • The risks for brand owners;
  • Trends we are seeing in this environment, including the attitudes of authorities against bad faith trade mark applications.
  • Winning the ‘Bet The House’ battle by a combination of actions to fight against bad faith parties

Please register here to join the webinar hosted by Rouse and Lusheng (a strategic partner of Rouse) to learn more.

  • Date: 13 October 2022
  • Time: 15:00 - 16:00 UTC
  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Language: English
  • Location: Online



Hatty Cui, General Manager of China, Rouse

Hatty manages Rouse’s business in China, with a focus on trade mark practice. With a solid 19 years’ experience and a thorough understanding of the local and international IP and legal environment, she has served many top multinational companies entering the Chinese market and protecting their IP value. Hatty experienced in a wide range of industries and offers clients the most cutting-edge solutions to protect their IPR. Prior to joining Rouse, Hatty worked for an IP boutique law firm in Silicon Valley and at a global food and beverage company in Chicago. She also served as in-house legal counsel at China Central Television.

Landy Jiang, Partner, Lusheng Law Firm (Rouse’s strategic partner)

Landy has been practicing in IP field for 17 years and has a legal education background in China, the US and the UK. Landy has advised and represented international companies on IP strategies, IP portfolio, and IP related contentious matters, covering trade mark, copyright, patent, trade secret, trade name, domain name and unfair competition issues etc. Many Landy’s landmark litigation cases were acknowledged by courts and professional organizations for their unprecedent nature.

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Principal, General Manager of China
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Principal, Managing Partner at Lusheng Law Firm (Rouse’s strategic partner)
+86 10 8632 4000
Principal, General Manager of China
+86 10 8632 4000
Principal, Managing Partner at Lusheng Law Firm (Rouse’s strategic partner)
+86 10 8632 4000