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On average 75% of the value in a company resides in intangible assets.  Yet they are often over looked. We understand how your intangibles can deliver commercial success in fast moving markets.

We help you to create and execute a business strategy which fully utilises your intangible assets.  Core assets include your brand, technology, trade secrets, data, content, processes and relationships. 

We bring a deep understanding of the complex nature of intangibles and how they behave differently in the fast moving markets that we have served for over 25 years.  This enables us to provide the fresh perspectives and unique approach you need.


Common questions on the minds of our clients include:

  • How should I adapt my strategy to the unique legal, regulatory, political and commercial landscape of the market I am operating in?
  • What is the optimum market entry strategy and legal structure for my business?
  • How can I manage the risks associated with a complex, fast-moving market?
  • How can my competitive advantage be developed and sustained over time?

Who We Help

We work with multinationals, fast growing innovative companies and universities. We support a diverse range of stakeholders including C-suite executives, Corporate Strategy, Heads of Innovation, Technology and R&D.

Our multidisciplinary teams and range of skills in our business – from consultants and lawyers, to marketeers and engineers – means we provide practical understanding, frameworks and insights not just theoretical guidance. We help you to see complex situations, simply and give you the tools to make the right decisions.

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