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      The Problem

      As new industries emerge from convergence new players appear as traditional industries are redefined. Problems stem from the increasingly fast pace of innovation creating anxiety around convergence and value in businesses, many times in the form of intangible assets, can become lost or hidden.

      Where, when and how do companies create value and maintain competitive advantage for customers in a converging industry?


      Customer values are unlikely to be created in the same place or same way. Traditional KPIs will not be measuring the right things. Customer value will be found in new experiences and characteristics that convergence brings. To defend, develop and find new customer values customer value, businesses must have clear understanding of their competitive advantage and the means and flexibility to control it.

      How can you control customer value ​that ​the company produces during convergence? And how should control be exercised for the longest possible time?

      Our Solution

      Rouse works in partnership with its clients to build control strategies to enhance a company's competitive advantage as well as the next, potentially more difficult step to implement them at the client.

      A company must understand:

      • The activities that create the competitiveness of its products or services and from there the customer value.
      • How long customer value can be maintained.


      Working with its client, Rouse identifies the activities, that underlie the company’s competitive advantage quantify customer values ​​as revenue and prioritised.

      How we work affects not just those we are advising directly but also a company’s core and support processes. For a successful implementation, a cross-functional structure ensures that control strategies are applied effectively. This will involve process changes, clearly defined roles and accountabilities to support the implementation.

      The Effect

      By establishing control strategies a company will increase their revenue. It will become apparent what customer values ​​are important now and in the future and lead to better decision making regarding their development and partnerships. With the right control positions created with the right legal tools including IP, contract formation and confidentiality - the company will significantly reduce its costs controlling the wrong assets.


      Supporting Technology Deals In China

      How can my company participate in the Chinese market while protecting our core IP assets? The answer is not simply a legal solution. Negotiating deals in China depends on numerous factors such as how the deal is structured, the nature of your Chinese partners, and your control positions.

      Our Springboard program supports scale-ups and mid-sized companies to commercialise their assets in China, whether through licensing, joint-venture, or a wholly owned subsidiary.

      How we help

      Using our 8 Key Components Framework, we work with you to map out your strategic options, profile your partners and negotiate deal terms. We bridge the gap in the commercialisation journey between exploring a technology deal and lawyers finalising the legal documents.






      This diagram depicts a simplified technology commercialisation journey. Springboard provides support at all stages and ensures successful outcomes from the tech deal process.



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