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World Trademark Review 1000: 2016

Published on 19 Jan 2016 | 4 minute read

Rouse has continued to uphold its robust rankings from 2015. 

"In both Europe and Asia, the Rouse name is synonymous with anti-counterfeiting success; its tireless, tenacious lawyers take a top-down approach to choke off the supply of fakes at the source."


We have maintained our ranking as a Recommended International Firm and have our practitioners described as "Responsive, down to earth, accessible and honest." We have been praised to "consistently position themselves as true partners as clients - another USP."


In China, Rouse has been steadily listed as a Highly Recommended Firm with WTR stating that "Demanding clients deem Rouse "one of the best in China" and a top name in IP protection and enforcement across Asia."


Linda Chang is "a trailblazer" and Elliot Papageorgiou with his "stunning credentials" have both been ranked Gold. Rachel Li-Mei Tan whom is praised as "the complete package", ranked Silver.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Rouse Legal "flexes its multi-jurisdictional enforcement muscles to devastating effect" and has maintained its Silver ranking as a firm for Enforcement and Litigation from the past year. 


Chris Vale and his "adept knowledge of the Asian market" ranked Gold for Enforcement and Litigation, Adelaide Yu who "partners closely with customs and knows how to get officials onside" ranked Silver in Enforcement and Litigation. Together they make Rouse Legal "a preferred choice of household names such as the Coca-Cola Company, Marks, Google and Intel."


RNA Intellectual Property Attorneys have renewed their Bronze ranking for Enforcement and Litigation, with WTR citing that "The swashbuckling enforcement division makes light work of courtroom skirmishes; online brand infringement and counterfeiting are further strengths."


Ranjan Narula who is a "prominent figure in the domestic and international IP community", has ranked Silver for Prosecution and Strategy and Bronze for Enforcement and Litigation.   


"Few outfits in the nation can rival the geographical reach of Rouse's Jakarta office." Rouse maintains its Gold ranking for Prosecution and Strategy and is also recommended for Enforcement and Litigation. Rouse is considered an "international player" and is "instrumental in tackling infringements for some of the world's biggest brands", such as Harley-Davidson.


WTR noted Gunawan Suryomurcito for his "wealth of experience in private practise and in parliamentary reforms" making him "a peerless authority on IP law", Kin Wah Chow as a "must have ally in the luxury brand space" and Nicholas Redfearn "knows the trademark inside out." WTR lists Suryomurcito, Chow and Redfearn all as recommended experts in Indonesia.


WTR cited Baranda & Associates as an "anti-counterfeiting specialist" and listed Prosecution as "another forte" of the firm's which is "appreciated by a diverse clientele which includes prestigious names." Baranda maintained their Silver ranking from the previous year.


"Rising star and commercially savvy litigator Edmund Baranda continues to rack up successes in the contentious arena" and continues to uphold his Bronze ranking.

Saudi Arabia 


Edward Hardcastle provides "invaluable contributions to Rouse's offerings... leads the regional prosecution department" and has maintained his listing as a recommended expert in Saudi Arabia.  


In Thailand, Rouse ranked Silver with WTR noting one respondent with the claim- "can't think of any others with as much experience in Southeast Asia as Rouse: it really sets the standard."


Fabrice Mattei ranked Gold in Enforcement and Litigation with WTR stating that "Mattei deserves much credit for building the firm into such a position of strength." Nuttachai Unaratana who "excels on matters with an international dimension" ranked Silver for Prosecution and Strategy.


In the UAE, Rouse renewed its Gold ranking from the previous year, with WTR stating that "Enforcement briefs are effortlessly dispatched by its talented cast of litigators".


Chad Dowle, Sara Holder and Bassel El Turk who WTR stated has a "terrific grasp of trademark law and knows how to achieve clients' end goals" were all ranked Silver, and Edward Hardcastle is also notably regarded as the "prosecution maestro" in WTR.

United Kingdom 

Rouse has continued to achieve its Silver ranking from the previous years in the UK. Interviewees hailed its "absolute dedications and professionalism" and "24/7 support and responsiveness". "Rouse never disappoints - it always meets deadlines and you can trust its recommendations 100%. Perhaps the most astonishing thing is that you get the exact same level of performance, and the Rouse feeling and spirit, wherever you go in the world".


Mark Foreman ranked Silver for Prosecution and Strategy, "Foreman doesn’t just say what you want to hear; he challenges you, which ultimately helps you make the right business decisions. He coordinates across borders smoothly and is very transparent when it comes to cost." Jeremy Newman and Stuart Adams are both listed as recommended experts in Anti-Counterfeiting, and ranked Bronze for Enforcement and Litigation. Arty Rajendra who is "extremely knowledgeable about the workings of IPEC and has a great relationship with the judges there" and is ranked Bronze for Enforcement and Litigation. From his desk in London, Stuart Adams manages the Moscow office, which opened in May 2013. “He’s a good listener and controls costs well, understanding the budget restraints everyone is under these days. His attitude is relaxed, but he’s not afraid of challenging you, which is great. Importantly, he looks after and trains his juniors well, too.” Stuart is a recommended individual for anti-counterfeiting and is ranked Bronze for enforcement and litigation, too


"Asian trailblazer" Rouse has continued to uphold their Gold ranking as a firm in Vietnam with WTR citing "the firm is a weapon of choice for many leading brand owners with cross-border business interests. Sources confide that "Its strategic thinking is enriched by long experience and extensive resources… you can't find the level of creativity and precision it offers elsewhere in Vietnam".


Chris Vale is ranked Gold again and "one of the best-rounded legal minds in Southeast Asia".

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