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Published on 05 Dec 2019 | 2 minute read

Key takeaways and photos from our event in Stockholm

On 3 December, Rouse Sweden hosted the inaugural China Matters event in Stockholm discussing Innovation and Collaboration in China.

The event was chaired by Sweden Country Manager, Thomas Randes and we were delighted to be joined by keynote speaker, Kari Rannisto discussing the macro China environment. Our speakers were Tim Smith from Rouse's London office as well as Landy Jiang and Jin Ling from Rouse's strategic partner in China, Lusheng. Also in attendance from China were Lusheng Senior Partner, Sharon Qiao, Robin Su and Eric Chang as well as the team from the Sweden office.


Some of the takeaways from the event were:

China’s macro environment from an EU business perspective

  • Have an action plan - Combine IP protection with a holistic approach. This is a necessary structure to maximize value.
  • Seek first mover advantage in newly opened industries! Top down innovation has created opportunities and barriers for European businesses going forward.
  • China is changing - and we’re affected more than what is visible at the surface.

The Chinese government on data

  • Securing national interest, maintaining social stability and protecting personal information.
  • Revolves around security & control.
  • Regulation of personal data is no stricter than GDPR.

Intellectual property in China:

  • Foreign patent litigation cases are approved at a significantly higher rate than domestic ones. This can be seen as confirmation that the system is fair.
  • The Chinese patent laws are quickly moving up to international standards.

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