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Foreign brands should not be put off by slow progress at Myanmar IP department

Published on 11 Jun 2024 | 1 minute read

Myanmar's Intellectual Property (IP) department recently celebrated its first year of operation. Progress has been significant but slower than expected, according to practitioners. Despite the political climate, foreign interest in Myanmar's IP is still strong and could encourage other brands to register and enforce their trade marks in Myanmar.

“Interest has almost remained the same despite the current political and economic instability,” observes  Moe Mynn Thu, principal at Rouse. “All of our existing foreign clients refiled their old marks under the new Trademark Law and they, including new clients, are filing new marks and actively protecting their rights in all possible ways. Even though the registration of their marks is not yet complete, some of them take enforcement action through well-known mark status for the time being.”

The IP department has also been reaching out to the IP community to build more collaborative relationships, observes Moe Mynn Thu, principal at Rouse. This includes organising seminars, workshops, training sessions (eg, for IP representatives) and activities for World IP Day (eg, panel discussions and local product display fairs).  

“We expect to see the IP department as a well-organised government body with good facilities and sufficient manpower to manage IP-related matters,” he concludes. As the IP department celebrates its first year, its recent achievements indicate that it is more than capable of establishing a resilient IP office. 


Read the full article here: Foreign brands should not be put off by slow progress at Myanmar IP department - World Trademark Review

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