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Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct brings clarity to Rouse’s purpose and role as Intellectual Property advisors and
as a statement of the behaviours to which we will be held to account and expect of those we work


We act with integrity and professionalism as an organisation and as individuals in all dealings with our
clients, colleagues and stakeholders. We will meet or exceed our legal and regulatory obligations. We
will manage the Rouse business in accordance with proper governance and sound financial and risk
management principles. We offer independent advice to our clients and do not compromise our

Integrity sits at the centre of how we behave.



We are loyal and act with care to those who entrust us with their work and colleagues who choose to
spend their working lives with us. We act in the best interests of our people, our business and our
clients, keeping information confidential and taking appropriate action where conflicts of interest


We celebrate our diversity whether of gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, culture or thought. We
actively encourage that diversity by creating an inclusive environment, full of opportunity for all,
where clients and colleagues can thrive.



As an organisation or as individuals we strive for excellence whether as advisors to our clients, as
employers, or a responsible, conscientious global citizen having a positive impact in everything we do.
This is integral to our business and values.



We are responsible employers and have clear expectations of good and respectful behaviours in
interactions with our colleagues and other stakeholders. Where those behaviours fall short, we will
deal with them fairly and transparently.

We interact responsibly with our local communities and the natural world. We are working towards
reducing our impact and encourage sustainability in everything we do and expect the same of those
we work with