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The Rouse Team Out-and-About

Published on 01 Sep 2022 | 1 minute read
The in-person conferences and events are back in full swing!

The in-person conferences and events are back in full swing!

We have Rouse team members from our different services and offices attending a number of conferences this autumn. Please get in touch with our delegates if you want to arrange a meeting.



Bassel El Turk, Country Manager from Dubai and Vice President of the UAE National Group is attending the AIPPI with colleague Josh Mandell, Principal from our Enforcement group, based in Beijing. The 2022 AIPPI World Congress is taking place in San Francisco from 10 to 13 September.



You can also find Josh with Chris Bailey, Principal from our Hong Kong SAR office at the Intellectual Property Owners Association’s 2022 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles on 18-20 September.



Over in Madrid, Spain, Samantha Grainger, Principal from our Dubai office with Rachel Tan, from our Hong Kong SAR office and Global Head of Trade Marks are attending the 36th Annual Conference between 20 and 23 September.



Nick Redfearn from our Jakarta office and Rouse’s Global Head of Enforcement is attending the Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group’s Autumn Conference. It’s being held in Lisbon, Portugal between 5 and 8 October.



In southeast Asia – specifically Busan in South Korea the Asian Patent Attorneys Association 73rd Council Meeting is taking place from 15 to 18 October. Our attendees are:



Fabrice Mattei (Myanmar and Global Head of Patents)

Fia Fajra (Indonesia)

Aum Lueabrassamee (Thailand)


Dispute Resolution

Kaew Thammasujarit (Thailand)

Yen Vu (Vietnam)


Trade Marks

Claire Corral (Philippines)

Oat Sinhaseni (Thailand)

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