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World Trademark Review 1000: 2021

Published on 18 Feb 2021 | 5 minute read

"An undisputed Asia-Pacific powerhouse, Rouse continues to pioneer new approaches and strategies for brand management and enforcement in emerging markets – something it has done throughout its existence."



Our teams in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China receive praise from the recently released publication of WTR 1000. The directory merits our "striking" development as a firm highlighting the progress made in the last five years continue to rank the firm internationally as a Highly Recommended Firm.


Rouse in Cambodia breakthroughs and debuts in this year's ranking as a Highly Recommended Firm with WTR citing the firm to "not to be underestimated on the enforcement front". 

China (Foreign)

In China, Rouse has been steadily ranked year on year as a Highly Recommended Firm as the directory credits the firm's success in the region due to its "strong global service offerings" in which renowned multination and Chinese companies turn to for “nuanced, tricky matters that require substantial expertise”. WTR sees Rouse in China as “Excellent and proactive in terms of IP enforcement” and for “top-notch strategy work”, highlighting the firm as one of the largest trademark practices among international law firms in China to take care of both contentious and non-contentious matters with ease.

Clients testimonials state, “They are smart attorneys who develop excellent strategies meeting clients’ business objectives and budgets.” “Rouse is clear in communicating their plans, actions and results. They are knowledgeable and sophisticated in their approach, going the extra mile to understand our products, brand, and business objectives in China.” 


Linda Chang is an "IP strategist with 25 years’ trademark experience" and Hatty Cui is an "experienced practitioner with multi-jurisdictional IP and legal knowledge" have both been ranked Gold. Amanda Yang debuts in the directory's rankings this year as "an excellent practitioner" who "conveys complex nuanced issues clearly with practical yet comprehensive recommendations". 

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Rouse ranks Bronze in Prosecution and Strategy praised for "the firm's uniquely high level of engagement, transparency and competence". Clients remarks highlight the firm's "solid business approach, high integrity and ability to achieve incredible results".


Theresa Mak provides "services of a consistent high quality and always makes herself available to share her knowledge" receives compliments alongside the experienced "enforcer" Adelaide Yu.


"Head and shoulders above its peers in Indonesia, the local member of the Rouse international network, Suryomurcito & Co, lays claim to the highest number of ranked individuals in this chapter. "

The firm ranks Gold in both Enforcement and Litigation and Prosecution and Strategy. The team is appreciated for "very good knowledge and experience on anti-counterfeiting matters in Indonesia to provide timely and practical advice" while doing an "excellent job" and being a "reliable partner".


WTR ranks Gunawan Suryomurcito as "Luminary" for his "unmatched experience in enforcement and IP protection, and stands tall as one of the key players in the jurisdiction when it comes to contentious matters" and Nicholas Redfearn as the new Head of Enforcement ranks Silver in both Enforcement and Litigation and Prosecution and Strategy.

Lisa Yong ranks Silver in Enforcement and Yurio Astary also Silver in Prosecution and Strategy. Kin Wah Chow alongside Tania Lovita both rank Silver in both fields Enforcement and Litigation as well as Prosecution and Strategy.


Ranked as a Highly Recommended Firm, WTR notes Rouse in Myanmar as "the first international IP firm with a physical presence in the country. The outfit comfortably handles a wide range of IP assignments across a cross-section of industries and works closely with local authorities to protect clients' IP rights to the hilt."


Moe Mynn Thu is a "seasoned senior IP lawyer" with an exceptional team who "manages over 50 portfolios and provides invaluable assistance to foreign businesses".


Baranda & Associates receives high praise from satisfied patrons for its "proficient use of technology", "unparalleled customer service" and "a high level of service quality with competitive professional rates". The firm ranks Silver in Enforcement and Litigation in the region.


"Exceptional duo" Claire Corral and Edmund Baranda are praised in the directory's write up. Edmund Baranda "has a deep market knowledge and good insights regarding the situation in the Philippines, as well as valuable connections with authorities and investigators" ranks Silver in Enforcement and Litigation.


In Thailand, Rouse is ranked Silver and is recognised as one of the "first firms to merge the areas of climate change and intellectual property" which also provides "yet practical, advice that contributes to its clients' overall success."


Fabrice Mattei known as an "outstanding lawyer" ranks Silver in Enforcement and Litigation along side Manoon Changchumni and Peeraya Thammasujarit. Nuttachai Unaratana also ranks Silver in Prosecution & Strategy.


Rouse in Vietnam ranks Gold for its "regional capabilities to become an elite trademark protector and enforcer throughout the continent. Some of its best practitioners can be found in the Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi offices, where they collectively display a rare gift for full brand lifecycle management. Working magic in complex prosecution scenarios, as well as in litigation".


WTR sees Yen Vu, who ranks Gold in Enforcement and Litigation as "a repository of trust for many world-famous brands". Chris Vale "gives on strategy infused with industry insight and the representation that he affords in often multi-country disputes is expertly judged". 

Tue Do is a "prosecution and appeals specialist with a talent for managing and enhancing large trademark portfolios" and Nina Nguyen, who ranks Gold in Enforcement and Litigation, is "the market's rising star".


In the UAE, Rouse renews its Gold ranking, with WTR citing the firm as a "trusted and valued partner in the UAE and in the Middle East" with an "focus on intellectual property which gives rights holders confidence that their most valuable assets will receive cast-iron protection".


"Standard setting" Bassel El Turk "understands the industries his clients operate in and provides succinct, no-fuss and prompt advice which is culturally well considered" is ranked Gold. Sara Holder who demonstrates "stellar leadership" " has a deft touch on brands and continues to shine in strategic prosecution" also ranks Gold. WTR sees Samantha Grainger as "a discerning choice" ranks Silver.

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